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GIANTLOK provides a full line of high quality cable ties in a wide range of sizes, Materials, colors and styles for fastening, bundling, securing and identifying in a variety of application. ALL GIANTLOK cable ties are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards to guarantee maximum reliability. GIANTLOK also provides a full range of cable tie installation tools to ensure safe and speed operations.
Cable clamps, applied with cable ties, can adjust the bundle diameter of cable ties to fit the size of wire bundle and achieve completely fastened. One piece clamps can save accessories of arrangement and fixture. From small cable clamps to saddle wire holders which can accommodate several wire bundles, the one piece clamps can finish the arrangement only to place or push the bundle into the wire holders with high efficiency.
Cable Protection applies to protect cables and wires from pressure, corrosion, and abrasion and to offer advantages of insulation, nest and keeping in order. The Length Is Cut Depending On Users’Need Most of GIANTLOK cable protection can cut the length with scissors. Button tubes and Hoop &Loop tubes can easily unwrapped and fold to storage. Wrapping Bands is very common accessory applying to arrangement of the cables.
GIANTLOK conduit and fitting series are applicable for temperature between -40℃ up to 85℃, resistant to solvents, liquid-tight, or with silicone cover- no matter which protective system you require, GIANTLOK will certainly have a solution for your request. You will find our products in the mechanical engineering sector, in wind power stations, or in the automotive They keep electromagnetic impacts away from data lines, they protect laser light guides against physical impacts, or if it is about protective tubing systems, we will take well care of you-in a competent, comprehensive, and innovative way.
Giantlok is the leader in providing a wide range of connectors suitable for the majority of all applications. In fact, the high quality, easy-to-use, versatile connectors from Giantlok have been greatly used in different industries and different continents. Whatever the application – commercial, industrial, OEM, utility, residential, communications – and whatever the voltage –low, medium or high – we have the right connector for you.
Features of Screw Clamp Terminal Blocks: 1.Suitable for wide range of cross-section and type of wires 2.Easy for the extension of terminals 3.Wires can be connected without any special tools 4.High resistant to vibration environment 5.Compact design reduces the assemble space required 6.Metal parts are made from high grade of copper and copper alloy, provide very low through resistance 7.Plastic parts are made from UL 94 V0 rated PA66 8.Broad selection of accessories 9.Easy mounting and dismounting from the terminal rail.
Products include various grades of enhancers and bonding compound such as Nylon 6, Nylon 66, polypropylene, poly-n-butyl, polycarbonate and polylactic acid. In addition, our newly developed halogen-free flame retardant products and biodegradable products fulfil the global green trend. With excellent production technology, high product quality, and expeditious customer service, we have earned the trust of customers from different industries, such as automobiles and motorcycles, exercise equipment, bicycles, electronics, power tools, furniture and tableware.
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